24 years of experience providing solutions of excellence.

Since 1995 the company is present in the South American market through ATQ, aiming its objectives to manufacture, develop and commercialise Electro Installation, Communication and Data products.

Based on the founder's philosophy "There is no success without work" and in order to offer first quality products, it was a requisite to adapt the European products to the necessities of our local markets.

In order to fulfil one of our first premises, we have constant stock of material to be able to "satisfy our customers" in the technical and economical aspects, and do it fast.

in Argentina The innovations and development of new products is essential. The technological advances require from us to do so. That is why we try to offer to the market products that will completely satisfy the present and future necessities of those who choose and project our systems, the specialists who install them and the final users who must live with them every day.

The precision is unquestionable. ISO 9001 is a reality in Ackermann. Its quality guarantee unfailing products from their design to their manufacture.


Our products are manufactured under the most strict quality and safety standards. For that reason is that customers from neighboring countries in South America have relied on us. We export directly all our product line meeting the stock and specially selected packaging requirements for all the products that travel abroad.

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Buenos Aires – Argentina

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